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Welcome to TDA


Mission and Objective

"We are the difference between DMV ready and Industry ready."

On February 7, 2022, the FMCSA changed its rules regarding ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training) requiring a specific curriculum and Training Providers to register with the FMCSA now provides a Training Provider Registry Number and monitors the training, and sets standards for training guidelines. This is a call to many trainers who cut corners to get individuals their Commercial Drivers License by passing them at the DMV but never actually getting them to industry-standard requirements to drive safely and competently. Our mission at TDA is the difference between "DMV" ready and "Industry" ready.


15 Hours of Driving Touching the Wheel Certification

40-hour Parking and Backing Certification

40-hour Pretrip Class Certification

26-hour Theory Class Certification (required by the FMCSR)

15k LB Weight Pull Certification (you must pull weight to learn how to shift under a load

4-hour Night Drive (learn how to drive safe in the dark)

53' Dry Van Trailer Certification

28' Dry Van Trailer

25' Flatbed Trailer

Doubles Trailer Certification (LCV Long Combinations Vehicle)

3 Axle Sleeper Power Units

2 Axle Day Cab Power Units (easy DMV truck after Real World Certification in 3 Axle)

Eaton Fuller 10 Speed Transmission

Progressive Shifting Techniques

Hazardous Materials Certification (Separate Class offered Post-Graduation)

Nothing but love for this school Thru all the opposition I faced to get my CDL I'm grateful for my teachers. They're very special people at TDA. Great school & instructors. Changed my life.

Kimaka S




GI Bill/ Post 9/11

Workmans Compensation

WIOA Funding

DOR Funding

We offer discounts for Cash and Card payments!

*We have financing available to you!*

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